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Hi-Ho, guys! I amΒ Nikola Tomic aka Nykk Deetronic. I am aΒ Multimedia Designer (Graphic, Web Designer & Illustrator) & Original Content CreatorΒ (Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Animator & Video Creator). I am a Founder and Owner of Deetronic Design Studio, running since 1990. I’ve created over 200 animated videos and composed over 450 songs for various clients. I am mostly known for inventing web site “Srbovanje” (2002) with tons of funny photos; creating animated music videos with my family “Mama voli bebu” (“Mommy Loves Baby“), “Maksimove Avanture” (“Maxim’s Adventure“), “Ide Zmija” (“The Running Snake“), “Nyan Pig“, “Mi smo PiliΔ‡i” (“We Are Chickens“), and many other music, audio and video projects. I live and work in Belgrade as a freelancer.


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